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Protective Security Detail Training is our priority

Piatt Tactical Training offers a wide range of training options and skills created by blending military, police tactical, and personal experiences in the field.



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Highly Qualified & experienced instructors

Get the best training for your team.

Our protective security detail training methods come from years of hands-on experience teaching and applying the professional skills offered in our classes. We blend professional experience with law enforcement and military backgrounds to develop real world workable tactics. 

Our Instructors’ expertise is extensive including the following:

Special Services

Our training strategy

Piatt Tactical Training LLC offers comprehensive protective detail training covering all aspects of protective operations. Some of the areas we focus on are;


We offers basic and advanced firearms training with multiple systems including handguns, shotguns, and tactical rifles.

Basic Self Defense

This training centers on real world, practical application of self defense and disarming tactics that actually work.

Tactical Training

Specialized instruction for protective teams. It’s a combination of physical and mental training. Quicker and more appropriate reactions to critical situations is developed by initial and recurrent training. Recurrent training also provides legal defense in the event the team(s) are forced to resolve a critical situation. 

Basic Self Defense

This training centers on real world, practical application of self defense and disarming tactics that actually work.

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We Are Qualified & Professional

Top expert instructors

Professional instructors with years of on the job experience has led to the development of the skills offered in our training. In addition to actual work experience our trainers have years of teaching experience.


Most of the training happens in Texas, as weapons and equipment availability in most countries is limited. However, I have worked in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and other countries.

High Quality Training

Comprehensive protective detail training including firearms courses for corporate security teams world wide.

Years of Experience

Harold Piatt and Piatt Tactical Training Instructors have been in the field for over two decades. Combined they have more than 75 years of real world of experience.

Piatt Tactical Training Founder

Harold Piatt

25+ years of service in the industry.

Harold Piatt has extensive experience in multiple relevant areas and is the primary developer of the training criteria. These programs are the result of working with retired Secret Service agents, retired FBI agents and personal experience in both the United States military and a major Texas city police department including 8 years on the SWAT team with 6 years supervising that unit. He has also been featured on Fox 7 Austin to share his expertise in his field.

Trusted by clients in various locations

Trusted by clients all over the world

Our client training reaches various countries.

Training has been ongoing since the mid-90’s and we have trained more that 2500 team members in classes of varying sizes. Depending on the skill level of the team members we recommend our initial classes (s) include classroom as well as firearms training, rather than focusing solely on firearms. This is of course is dependent on previous training and team members skill level.  

I’ve worked with multiple companies in most of the Western Hemisphere and some Middle Eastern countries who came to Texas for training. (since the 9/11 attacks in New York most foreign clients training will have to be consistent with ITAR Federal regulations).

United States




Our Client Trust

Trusted by Security teams who have taken our training, and continue since the mid 90's

We’ve been providing reliable services for over two decades, earning the trust of hundreds of team members and our clients through our commitment to quality training. Many of our clients return semi-annually and some schedule training two or more times per year. Continued and consistent training is the key to success!

Frequently Asked Questions
Costs vary depending on the number of team members to be trained, the number of days, and the type of training requested. Once you decide to schedule training we can discuss the factors listed and I’ll send you an estimate of the costs. If you train at our facilities I provide all related equipment including firearms, ammunition, range safety gear, and range fees. 
If you are based outside the United States I can also arrange lodging, meals and local transportation. Most foreign corporations prefer this method. All the teams have to do is provide transportation to and from Central Texas and we cover the rest.
I am a licensed instructor and Piatt Tactical Training is a licensed Texas school so I will likely be able to provide CEU certificates. The CEU requirements vary by state and if you can provide those requirements I will prepare the required classes and certificates. 

Once the details are resolved I will send an invoice for the entire amount. If you are coming to our training sites I will need 50% upon receipt of the invoice. This covers the non-refundable costs such as ammunition, range supplies, range fees and associated supplies and equipment. The balance is due upon arrival of the (first) team. If we are coming to your site 50% is due upon receipt of the invoice and the balance due upon our arrival.  

how it works

The Process

The process will be slightly different for each client depending on location, size of team, and time frame.

Initial Evaluation

We will discuss the size of your team(s), the threat level executives face, the amount of travel involved, how much prior training the members have, and the background of the security teams.

My recommendations

Based on those responses I can offer my input and we will develope a training plan specfic to your needs.

Training Scheduled

We will set the times and dates to meet with your team for the recommended training.

Annual Training

Annual training on use of force at all levels is recommended in the event the team becomes involved in a major incident that results in legal action.